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Chiapas aims to produce 60pc of Mexican tilapia

Courtesy of | by Analia Murias

The governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco Coello, announced the Expansion Plan that includes the launch of Malpaso Aquaculture Park project, as part of the government’s efforts to achieve the target of 60 per cent of the national tilapia production.

Velasco Coello expressed these statements at Acuagranjas Dos Lagos SA de CV facilities, where he explained that the Plan provides for profits amounting to MXN 60 million (USD 4.7 million) per month and the generation of over 3,500 direct jobs and over 1,000 indirect ones.

Aquaculture Park Malpaso for the next five years is considering foreign investments of more than USD 30 million to produce 70,000 tonnes of tilapia per year.

Some 50,000 tonnes of that total will be destined to fillets to be exported to the United States and Europe. Further 10,000 tonnes will be used for fillet production for the domestic market and the rest for the sales of whole tilapia specimens in the Mexican market.

During the starting signal of tilapia exports to the US market, Velasco Coello emphasized that Chiapas has a strategic location to link and take advantage of markets in the west coast of US, Canada, Central and South America.

“Our goal is to provide the best conditions for more investors to come to Chiapas and believe in the state,” he continued.

Following the recognition of the consolidation of the company Acuagranjas Dos Lagos, the governor thanked its managers for having chosen this state to make the investment.

“You should be absolutely certain that my Government are going to strongly support you so that within five years we can reach that 60 per cent of production, which is the goal, and we’ll lay the basis for production to increase day by day, for investments to grow in the field of aquaculture and for more jobs to be generated for the population of Ostuacán,” he said, according to El Heraldo de Chiapas.

On the other hand, Leopoldo Montoya Martinez, general manager of Regal Springs Tilapia Group, stressed that Acuagranjas Dos Lagos is currently working with 200 floating cages in Penitas dam reservoir, and it will soon begin operations in the Malpaso Dam reservoir.

This company produces about four million offspring monthly and an average of 1,000 tonnes of tilapia per month, which is intended for the domestic market.

“It is a pleasure for me to present this project that bears the seal of all the effort and dedication of all collaborators, authorities, and many people who have approved of this development,” pointed out Montoya Martinez.

“Our plans, our intentions are to create a first-class enterprise, which will take the state to a very prominent position on the issue of tilapia,” he concluded.